Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Launch day for THE LOST SISTER

So, today THE LOST SISTER (sequel to Sisters of Misery) officially launched. I don't know if this means that they are currently available in your local Barnes & Noble, Borders or Indie store, but Amazon says that it's available and what Amazon says goes.

Last night was pretty intense. Here was my Facebook update.

45 minutes until THE LOST SISTER goes on sale. I know that you're all out there waiting in line dressed up mean girls and um...witches? or not...Hey, doesn't everybody get a midnight book launch party? Why do Meyer and Rowling get all the hoopla? Get my agent on the phone! Heads are gonna roll! ;)

So shortly after that was posted, thousands of fans descended upon bookstores across the country dressed like Maddie, Cordelia and even a few Kate Endicotts. It was exhausting! I don't know how Stephenie Meyer and J.K. Rowling do it. But, you gotta do what you gotta do. It's a business, you know?

I mean, it wasn't like I was sitting home in my PJs anxiously Googling myself to see if any early reviews were in...that would be so lame. I mean, acceptable and understandable, given it's only my second book...but....whatever.

My FB friends (we're super tight, almost like family, really) were giving me ideas on what drink I should have to celebrate. But, as you all know, you are NOT allowed to drink alcohol in bookstores. It's a rule. I'm pretty sure. So, then I realized that the whole crowd control thing was getting a little crazy and I decided to call the whole thing off. And I didn't want to pull a Britney and be totally surrounded by bodyguards and not be able to mingle with my fans. I know a lot of you were disappointed, and I apologize. I'm truly and deeply sorry. Some of you put a lot of work into your "mean girl" costumes, and I really appreciate that.

So, I went home and considered the list of drinks that my FBFs (Facebook Friends--they're the new BFFs -- keep up, okay?) suggested and decided that while dirty martinis, malbec and dark chocolate, pomegranite margaritas(?) were enticing, I went for the more low key Fiji neat (no ice), not shaken, not stirred.

Sitting at my computer while my husband and daughter slept in the next rooms, I realized that I was doing a disservice to my tens of fans out there. I decided that my next book will have a huge coast-to-coast launch party. Even if it's just online--it will be a party to remember! People can dress up like characters while sitting at their computers. There can be role playing, give-aways, silent auctions, you name it.

Then today, the day of the book launch was just exhausting. Here's my FB update from the actual day.

Just a typical launch day for my second novel, THE LOST SISTER. Fielded phone calls from Clooney, Pitt, Johnny Depp--you know, the usual. Paparazzi at my doorstep. Hounded by the press (enough is enough--I'm just a person, you know.). Robert Pattinson, stop calling and begging to be in the movie version of my book already! Please! I'll let you know, okay? My people will call your people. We'll do lunch. *sigh*

Again, it's hard for people to understand that I'm a person just like everybody else. I don't like to live my life on a stage. I'm a writer. I prefer to be behind the scenes. And Johnny, Brad, George, Tom, Leo, Toby, Ashton, Jonai (that's what I call the brothers, it's just easier that way), I'm sorry that I couldn't take all of your calls, but you know how it is. Everyone wants a piece of you. Your life isn't your own anymore. I just wish people would understand how hard it is to keep fans happy, because that's what it's really all about---the people, the fans. Not the jets, the parties, the trips to the French Riviera, the swag, the premieres, the money, the luxury vacations. That's meaningless.

It's about the book. And that's what today was about. The launch of my book. Which is why I chose to spend it at home with my daughter (after her gymnastics camp) cleaning my house in the insane humidity and working on my next novel. Because the work comes first, people. That's what it's all about. Everything else is just distractions.

In any case, I hope you all go out and purchase THE LOST SISTER at your local bookstore or on purchases will help me achieve my goal of getting into the under 100,000 rank. I think we've all had quite enough of Stephenie Meyer taking up the top spots in the Amazon ranking system. Time to give it up, Ms. Meyer. Move along, now. You've had your time in the spotlight.

I wanted to take this time to thank everyone for making this day possible. And also a quick disclaimer ** (please see below).

**Any and all persons mentioned in this post have not approved being mentioned here and may or may not have actually contacted the author of this post, so let's just keep this between you and me, because I really don't want to end up on Oprah getting yelled at. This isn't a memoir or anything. It's a blog post. A blog post of a fiction writer at that. So anything I have said cannot be used against me in a court of law. It could all be purely a work of fiction--or not. Either way, I take no responsibility for any of the things posted above and will not be held accountable if anyone gets their feelings hurt by said post.

***Additional disclaimer: Johnny Depp, I was kidding. Feel free to call me anytime you want. I'm never too busy to talk to you.


Hey, I suggested a nice, tall glass of 2% milk! Wholesome and allowed in bookstores. :)

Sadly, my stores did not have a midnight launch. Either that or I accidentally slept right through it. Oops. I am one of those In Bed By Nine people. Old. I also like soup and Matlock!

*hugs* and CONGRATS!!!