Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Teen Vogue article - FIGHT CLUB

Silly me, I totally forgot to add a link to the article in Teen Vogue that I was interviewed for about girl bullies. It was in the Dec/Jan issue of Teen Vogue (the one with a very grown up Dakota Fanning on the cover) and it was a feature article called FIGHT CLUB! I was interviewed as an expert on girl bullies because of my take on VERY mean girls in SISTERS OF MISERY and THE LOST SISTER. If you haven't read the article by Eva Chen, click here to read it. Or go out an buy a copy of Teen Vogue (if they are still on newstands). If not, I'm sure you can get them at your local library.

P.S. Just looking at the comments made me so happy to see that Teen Vogue readers were helped out by this article and made to feel like they aren't alone with their "best friend bullies". But one of the comments was a little upsetting. One girl admits to getting pure satisfaction from bullying others and that she did it not because she felt something lacking within herself, but that it was fun and she looked down at others. I think this girl needs to do some serious soul searching, because if making other people feel like crap is your idea of a good time, you need some serious help. (Or maybe a productive hobby? Maybe start volunteering and giving back instead of making people's lives worse? Just a thought.)


How awesome! However, I still don't see a link. Also, I hope the girl you spoke about finds something worthwhile to do with her life besides making others hurt. That's sad.
Winged Writer