Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dream Work Spaces

My office is just one big huge mess.

It is where clutter comes to die.


I'm on the quest to find the perfect work environment. This could also be seen as a form of procrastination. But, I beg to differ. If your workspace is any reflection of your state of mind, then my mind is an explosive landfill. I will rattle off the first few things in my office that I see.

My daughter's bed frame, her Disney princess vanity. soy tri-wheat healthy hair leave-in conditioner, two vacuums, a ridiculous amount of dust (obviously the 2 vacuums are untouched), stacks of books, papers, folders, files everywhere, random printouts of articles I will never read, beaded jewelry made by my daughter, stuffed animals (giraffes), boxes and boxes and boxes of all shapes and sizes, webkinz codes, at least 5 different calendars - none for this year; bags, baskets, stacks of clothes... you get the picture. (And I haven't even turned around all the way...this is just in my peripheral vision).

Anyway, I'll be posting inspiring work spaces here once in awhile, not only for your enjoyment, but to motivate myself. Maybe this will work as my "vision" board. Instead, it will be my *vision* blog. Once I post it, it will be one step closer to making it a reality.


Actually, how can this person actually be doing any work? You need some clutter to be productive, no?