Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where I work

I've shown you pictures of my dream office. Now I'll show you pics of me in my real office. It's pretty awful. Actually, you can't see most of the mess, because it is on the floor (which is a good thing -- not for me, but so you don't have to be subjected to it). Anyway, I've gotten some emails from readers asking me to show where I work, and this is it. Very exciting! And now you'll see why I'm dreaming of a new office, because this one really stinks.Enjoy!

Update: Here is me at the end of a long day spent in my crazy, messy
office. This is my day: morning to night (with an occasional errand to run). The glamorous life of a writer, don't you think? All in a day's work. Time for bed!

Another update: This is to show all those people who have commented and emailed me that I look miserable in my office, that it is actually possible for me to smile and look relatively happy in my workspace. Any other organization or decorating tips are greatly appreciated! Thanks!!


Oo, your blog got all prettied! I need to leave my google reader more often...

I think you should smile more in your office and just that will brighten everything up and make it a wonderful place to work!

It's easier to stalk you now that I know what the places you're in look like.!

Oh, you're sweet. How can I smile when I work in such a messy office? Note the gigantic cup of coffee in front of the webcam -- that's a necessity that early in the morning! :)