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I just need to share some AMAZING blurbs from bloggers about SISTERS OF MISERY. I've compiled them into one place, but I've provided links to all of the blogs that have mentioned SISTERS OF MISERY recently.

On top of all this wonderful praise, the Girlfriend's Cyber Circuit is touring me this week. I can't tell you what an honor it is to have these amazing and talented writers including me in their GCC Blog Tour. In my next blog post, I'll provide links to all my "girlfriends" in the GCC. (Love them!)

Anyway, here are some of the truly amazing quotes about SISTERS OF MISERY from online bloggers: (This is almost too much to handle...I'm not prepared for all these wonderful things being said about my debut novel. You all rock!)

“On the surface, Sisters of Misery sounds like just another teen drama, but it has a very Gothic feel to it. In the background, the town’s history involving witchcraft hums along, leaving you with a feeling that something disastrous is about to happen. In fact, the town itself is almost a character in the story, with its mysterious, evil persona lurking in the shadows. Teen drama aside, though, Sisters of Misery gave me the chills—and as I neared the end, I was seriously creeped out. It’s a frightfully great read, and when it all comes together, it’ll leave you feeling as if a cold, dead hand were crawling all over your body.

Ms. Hall has definitely renewed my love of the Gothic novel—and I’m already looking forward to the second book in the series, The Lost Sister.”--Nights and

“This modern gothic has everything.”

“More than a fantasy, as gripping as a thriller, Sisters of Misery is superb YA suspense, that delivers on its promise to keep the reader turning pages into the wee small hours of the morning.”--Bookworm (top reviewer)

“There’s no doubt Hall knows how to write one heck of a creepy gothic novel. She pushes the limits with disturbing plot points in this scary, fast-paced story.”--Romantic Times Book Reviews

“The story is good, the plot intriguing, and the suspense nail-biting." Armchair Interviews

Sisters of Misery was fan-freakin-tastic. People, I got chills! There had better be a part two to this book or I will totally scream. The beginning hooks you quickly. I was locked in and wouldn’t let go of the book. The book is full of secrets that had me guessing all the way to the end…Hall had me craving for more. This is the realism of mainstream fiction, but the intensity of a thriller. What an awesome writer! “ J. Kaye Oldner's Book Blog

"My initial reaction is.....Okay, WOW! Megan Kelley Hall where have you been my whole life. This was an incredible novel. I don’t even know where to start….Don’t even try to figure the ending out in this one folks, you will fail miserably! Every one of my theories was shot down one by one! It was that good. And the climax, totally stunned me! I’m still stunned hours later. One word UNFORGETTABLE! I’m more than thrilled to also discover a continuation of the story. The Lost Sister will be available August 2009!!" --The Story Siren

"Sisters of Misery was a truly chilling and suspenseful read. There were so many secrets and twists to the story that kept me perpetually surprised and eager for more. It was incredible how Megan Kelley Hall was able to weave in Hawthorne’s haunting past and its present-day superstitions into Maddie’s story…Sisters of Misery is definitely one of the best stories I’ve ever read, and I eagerly await the sequel, The Lost Sister. Any reader will be able to get attached to this suspense-filled book with mythical aspects, a historical angle, and many, many twists and turns."
--The Book Muncher

"Re-imagine Mean Girls as a gothic mystery and you get Sisters of Misery. And that’s a good thing. But Sisters of Misery isn’t just about fitting in with the popular clique. It is also about legendary town tales, family secrets, and shocking betrayals. Just when you think you may have it all figured out, the author keeps throwing more twists and turns. Teens and adults will like this story and I was happy to read at the end of the book that the author Megan Kelley Hall will be writing a sequel to Sisters of Misery. I definitely am looking forward to it as well as other books by this promising new writer."--Book Room Reviews

"SISTERS OF MISERY by Megan Kelley Hall: Maddie Crane is a sixteen year old girl who lives in Hawthorne, MA, just miles away from the site of the infamous Salem witch trials. She’s friends with the most popular girls in school, a clique known as the Sisters of Misery. The Sisters are all from families of powerful women in Hawthorne, a legacy that goes back centuries. When Maddie’s eccentric cousin, Cordelia, moves to Hawthorne, Maddie is torn between staying a part of Sisters and relinquishing to the mystical way of life that her cousin and aunt have embraced. Her decision is quickly made for her when Maddie becomes involved in one of the Sisters’ schemes, a plan that destroys her life and the lives of all those that are close to her. While Sisters of Misery is categorized as a YA book, audiences of all ages will be pulled into the gothic style writing of Megan Kelley Hall. I’m impatiently looking forward to more from this amazing debut author." --BookBitch

"Sisters of Misery sent shivers down my spine. I'm always up for reading something out of the ordinary, and according to today's teen literature standards, this is as far from your normal chick lit and beachy romances as you're going to get. And that's not a bad thing, not at all. The thing that attracted me most to the book was how it promised to be something out of my comfort zone. I wanted to read something that would hit me hard and stay with me, and after reading Sisters of Misery, I knew that I got exactly what I had asked for....Megan Kelley Hall proved that she can write. I am looking forward to the next book, The Lost Sister, with great anticipation because the end of the book left off with a serious cliff hanger. I'll definitely be reading anything Megan Kelley Hall has to offer in the future as she has made her mark, in my brain at least. I highly suggest that you go out and pick yourself up a copy of Sisters of Misery. It's sure to grab you tight, and keep you guessing until the very last page."-Liv’s Book Reviews

"Sisters of Misery
is an absolutely stunning debut by Megan Kelley Hall, perhaps the best Gothic novel that I have ever read. Hall knows how to create suspense like nobody else and she isn't afraid to delve into the most horrifying depths of the human psyche, places we don't want to admit exist. Secrets are revealed and mysteries slowly unraveled, with enough plot twists to keep readers on their toes! The sequel, THE LOST SISTER, comes out in August 2009, and I honestly do not think that I can wait that long."-- Amber Gibson of

(SISTERS OF MISERY received a Five Star Review and the Gold Star Award for Excellence from Teens Read Too--super exciting!!)

"This book was so intense I had to put it down a couple of times afraid of what I was going to read. I really liked this book. The plot was electrifying, mystifying, and terrifying. The hairs on my arms were constantly on edge; I couldn’t help but be drawn to the book as I read more and more of its pages. Maddie and Cordelia were the perfect characters that can make a story like this readable." ---Fallen Angel Reviews

"This young adult fantasy will appeal to older readers as well. The character driven tale contains a gothic tone and atmosphere as the main characters are interesting people who have kept secrets for decades. Maddie is a follower; afraid to lead or leave a group she loathes until the Cordelia incident serves as a catalyst to challenge the power of the Sisters of Misery. There are a crop of new girls to replace their mothers as Sisters who control Hawthorne. Fans will find it difficult at first to accept a young girl like Kate is evil because of her age, but will accept the truth as Megan Kelley Halls makes her malevolence seem genuine. She and Maddie are fascinating antagonists who turn the SISTERS OF MISERY into an enjoyable read." --Harriet Klausner

"This book was ah-mazing!!!! I seriously couldn't put it down. It was 2 a.m and I was still reading the book. It was suspenseful, sad, funny, heart-wrenching, thrilling, and mysterious. Maddie and Cordelia's characters were great. I can't believe that this was Megan Kelley Hall's first book. It was so well written and the plot was amazing. There were a lot of twist and turns. It sent chills down my body. The night that Cordelia disappear was so freaky and vivid that I could see myself there, witnessing what was happening.If you liked the Blue is for Nightmares series then you will love this book. I can't wait for the sequel The Lost Sisters.This is a MUST read, buy or get a copy when it comes out July 29, 2008."-BookLuver Carol’s Blog

"All I can say is WOW!!! There is nothing more thrilling than finding an author who has the capabilities of luring you into their story and not letting go. I fell straight in, and didn’t resurface until the book was finished, reading it straight through. .. This was such an excellent read and I am hopeful that the author will honor me by allowing me to review her future books - EXCELLENT!!"
--Amateur de Livre book blog

"I loved this book. Love, love, loved it! Just a few pages in, I was so engrossed, I completely forgot that the characters were ten years younger than me. It was gripping and chilling and page-turning and all those other adjectives that you're not supposed to use anymore because they've been thrown around like candy. I can't help it, though, this book was truly all of those things. Sisters is the first in a new series that I think is going to get much more heavy into the paranormal realm. For now, this one is nice and gothic-y with plenty of hints of witchcraft and precognition. There's a mysterious secret society, and the town the story takes place in has a sordid history that includes the murders of three sisters believed to have been practicing witches.

Like I said, dying to read the next one and see what happens! Until now, I'll just have to wait, but I highly suggest that you run out and pick up a copy when this hits shelves on the 29th. In my opinion, there's plenty of crossover appeal in this one - I think there are plenty of adults out there who will enjoy is just as much as I did, just beware of random teens stealing it when you aren't looking."
--No More Grumpy Bookseller (Becky LeJeune)

"Sisters of Misery looks innocuous, with a colorful cover and FRENEMIES-esque tagline: Best friends – or worst enemies? Don’t ignore the title. This is a dark tale, the familiar story of the dark depths in a seemingly charming small town. SISTERS OF MISERY incorporates some supernatural elements, and I expect that that aspect of the story will be expanded in THE LOST SISTER. ….SISTERS OF MISERY reaches a satisfying conclusion that resolves many of the smaller mysteries, and one of the larger ones, while still leaving much to the next book. Megan Kelley Hall excels at creating the perfect atmosphere for the story – it’s dark and threatening, with a palpable sense of dread. Even before Cordelia goes missing the reader can sense how much Maddie doesn’t see about her life."--In Bed with Books

"While Sisters of Misery is categorized as a YA book, audiences of all ages will be pulled into the gothic style writing of Megan Kelley Hall. I’m impatiently looking forward to more from this amazing debut author."--Jenn’s Bookshelf

“I read this book, which serves to launch the new young adult line of novels by Kensington Books, while staying up alone at night in a mountain cabin out in the woods. This eerie tale kept me up late, listening to the sounds outside, while turning the next page when I should have been asleep. The concepts were intriguing and veered from the traditional path of magic and paranormal as interpreted by other popular novels of the genre. Overall, it was a decent read that crossed over from purely teenage lit into something appealing for adult readers as well.

The characters around (Maddie) were a bit more layered. I found the familial relationships interesting, such as the antagonistic relationship between Maddie’s mother and Maddie’s aunt, as well as the unusual apprentice-like mentoring relationship between Maddie and her grandmother.

I would categorize the Gothic plot as a “lite” version reminiscent of Donna Tartt’s The Secret History. The runic mythology tied to the plot definitely added to the telling of the story, while the group interactions that led to events that wouldn’t have otherwise been carried out by any single individual made for a darkly fascinating dynamic. The unraveling of the mystery itself produced some nail-biting scenes.”--Damian Daily

I have a thing about books , they have to be original. I hate run of the mill books; drama, b***h fights, and the evil character gets stomped out by the good. I originally thought this book was going to be like that too, but i was pleasantly surprised. This book was amazingly well written, and had a wonderful plot. The characters were also very well developed and easy to relate to--or to hate with all your guts. Sisters of Misery is a very very good book, this is definitely a book you'll want to buy when it comes out. --Midnight Twilight’s Book Blog

I was extremely impressed by Megan Kelley Hall's debut novel, especially by her characterization. The Sisters of Misery are not your average mean cheerleaders, especially Kate. She even shows that Cordelia is not just another of the pretty girls you read about in books: she has dark secrets, too. Last but not least, the character of Maddie, the narrator of the story, is complex, a mystery even to herself.

Sisters of Misery is interwoven with mystery, intrigue, drama, and even schoolgirl troubles. I would recommend it to many teenage girls, as well as girls in middle school. I'm looking forward to the upcoming sequel, The Lost Sister." --Mrs. Magoo Reads

"Sisters of Misery is an absolutely disturbing and entrancing YA read! My fingers and eyes were glued to this book the moment I grabbed it.

"Don’t look now at the faces three,
The Witch Sisters of Misery.
Close your eyes and hold your breath
Witches of Misery will bring your death.
Shut your windows, doors up tight,
The Witches of Misery come tonight."

Sisters of Misery mixes the supernatural, witchcraft, and gruesome hazing to reveal how black the brightest people can be on the inside.

I was riveted by the character’s depth and the intricacy of the plots and subplots. The settings were eerie and wonderfully descriptive. A great debut novel from Megan Kelley Hall! I believe there are two sequels planned for Sisters of Misery. The first sequel, The Lost Sister, is scheduled for an August 2009 release. Mark your calendars."

--E.M. Reads

BTW, for those keeping track, SISTERS OF MISERY is 34,820 on Take that, Stephenie Meyer. Sure you're still holding strong at numbers 1, 5, 6, 11, and 24, and yes, you're dominating the top 25, but I'm getting closer!!! :)


Yeah! I'm so very excited for Sisters of Misery. You're right - the blogging community is all over it. I've written my post and several friends are enjoying it, too. We can't wait for The Lost Sister.

Many congratulations.

Congratulations. I loved the Gothic plot, magical references, and development of fictionalized yet realistic New England local history. I look forward to reading The Lost Sister.

I'm glad everyone else liked it as much as i did. And trust me, it's just as torturous waiting for The Lost Sister as it was waiting for the next book in the Twilight series (and i'd know, i've read the first book in both series within the first month they were released!) Now that the last book in the Twilight series is out another great series has to take over!

Kayla (Midnight Twilight)

I just wanna say thanks for linking to my review :D i'm definitely recommending this book to all my reading friends (though i will try to make them buy it cuz i dont want to lend out my copy!)