Thursday, September 11, 2008

51,525 to five, six, seven and nine!

Okay, so you have four spots on the top ten Amazon list, Ms. Stephenie Meyer, but I'm closing in at number fifty-one thousand five hundred and twenty-five. Pretty, pretty, pretty darn close. I'm moving up the ranks. Do you feel the pressure? Watch out, 'cause I'm closing in on the top ten. Just give me a week (or month or months...years, maybe?) and I'll be pulling ahead. Let's wait and see....


Your book is getting out there though! I know a few people commented about my post on my blog! You seem to be on a many TBR lists too of the blogs I read.

We'll get you to the three-digits soon! :)

Thanks, Cat! I hope so. From your lips to Stephenie Meyer's ears. Hee hee!