Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thanks, Melissa Walker!

One of my wonderful members of the GCC (Girlfriend's Cyber Circuit), Melissa Walker, author of the Violet series, sent me a pic of my book at a Barnes and Noble in West Village, NY. Super exciting!! If anyone wants to send along a picture of my book in stores across the country (or in Canada, where I hear that a SISTERS OF MISERY sighting is more rare than a Bigfoot sighting), please send it along. If you want to send a pic of yourself holding the book (or even better, buying the book :) ) feel free and I'll post it here.

FYI, SISTERS OF MISERY is going to be selected as a Halloween read in many upcoming publications (including the online version of FAMILY CIRCLE). I will post the links and the publications as they come in. Right now SISTER is the September Book of the Month pick for LOMG Teen Reads and the RIP III Challenge online. So, if you are looking for a good online bookclub to join, check those out.

Anyway, here's the pic from Melissa Walker. Thanks again, Melissa!!!


Yay! It was fun to see the book in such a great spot.