Monday, March 23, 2009

I hope these girls weren't inspired by Sisters of Misery

I was shocked and appalled when I read in the New York Times about the secret society of mean girls at the elite Miss Porter's prep school. What is going on? Has Kate Endicott jumped off the pages of my book and entered the real world ? This is super scary that things like this go on in real life--and that reality is scarier than fiction. The girls involved in this "secret society" allegedly call themselves Oprichniki after a 16th century Russian torture squad!@??!!

Here's a quote from the New York Time's piece:

"Then, somewhere along the line, everything unraveled. By her own admission, she skipped classes and cheated on an art history test. And while the school cited those transgressions when it expelled Miss Bass in November, her side of the story is much darker: in a lawsuit against Miss Porter’s, Miss Bass says she was driven to a nervous breakdown by constant harassment from a secret society of girls who call themselves the Oprichniki, taking their nickname from a 16th-century Russian torture squad."

Horrible, horrible, horrible!! This story has already been picked up by Jezebel, Gothamist, Mediabistro and FishBowlNY. Girls, what is going on? This is so uncool and the girls involved in this "clique" should be the ones expelled. What are your thoughts?


I think that's really sick that a group of girls could be so cruel. I mean what good do you get from causing another human, who is just like you, pain?
This world is truly crazy.

Heartbreaking, but I believe it 100% as I was a victim of such brutal stuff when I was just in elementary school that I had a breakdown then.

It makes me sick to my stomach.

I agree! Granted, I wrote about mean, torturous girls, but I had to dig deep into my worst fears of what people were capable of. It's scary that this happens in real life....

Those girls at Miss Porter's should be ashamed of themselves. Truly awful!