Thursday, August 20, 2009

Buy THE LOST SISTER today! And check out my GCC Tour!

While I know you are all hunting high and low for copies of The Lost Sister (keep the updates coming, so I know where to tell my publisher to send books ASAP!), I did a little tour on The Girlfriend's Cyber Circuit. Some of them are even featuring giveaways. So, here is a list of links to all my interviews on the Girlfriend Cyber Circuit. And I will answer my own questions (because I don't think I ever answered the ones from SISTERS OF MISERY) based on THE LOST SISTER.

Try to contain your excitement. I know that you're all as excited as McSteamy right now. (Shame on you, Eric Dane! I hope Shonda gives you a good talking to).

Anyway, here are the links to my interviews on the FABULOUS Girlfriend's Cyber Circuit.


Stephanie Kuehnert
's Women Who Rock
Diana Rodriguez Wallach
Megan Crane
Linda Gerber
Kelly Parra at YA Fresh
April Henry
Amanda Ashby
Stacy DeKeyser
Lucienne Diver (aka Varkat)
Jennifer Echols
Melissa Walker's Cover Stories
Karin Gillespie
Sara Hantz
Wendy Toliver
Teri Brown Writes!
Jenny O'Connell

If I'm missing any of my Girlfriend's blog posts, let me know!