Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where's THE LOST SISTER contest

Okay, so my book has been out for approximately one week. **yippee** and yet no one has been able to spot them in bookstores across the country (we already know from my #1 blogger in Canada, Cat, that spotting a Sisters of Misery book in Canada is as easy as spotting Bigfoot.)

But, I digress... honor of all the contests that are going on for YA authors, I decided to give it a try. I'll be touring on my GCC blogs next week and hopefully they will all let you know about this supercool contest.

If you come across a copy of THE LOST SISTER in a bookstore, take a picture of it and post it HERE. Use your cell phone, blackberry, polaroid, whatever works... I will pick 5 entries at random and will send a *signed* copy of THE LOST SISTER with a one of a kind bookmark drawn by my very own artist-in-residence/famed bubble blower in MallCop actress/six-year-old Avril Lavigne wannabe, Piper Elizabeth Hall. She takes these pieces of artwork quite seriously and so do I. ;)

If you are one of the rare few to actually come across a copy of THE LOST SISTER and SISTERS OF MISERY together!! (be still my heart), take a pic and post it here and I'll enter you into the drawing for a signed copy of both books. (I'll be picking one entry, because, I don't even have that many of my own books, so I may have to go out and buy them myself. Oh, the glamorous life of an author...)

I'm hoping to see entries from across the country, because, quite frankly, I'm not convinced that my books are being carried in all the places I'm being told they are. This will hopefully prove me wrong.

So, let THE LOST SISTER sightings begin. This contest will run through the end of August. More details to come. Be on the lookout, everyone!




I think Bigfoot might even be easier to spot up here, sadly.

I keep telling my friends who work in stores that they need to order it - the problem is I think they are having TROUBLE getting it in stock. :(

I hope it shows up soon and everywhere!!

First off I love Sisters of Misery! I counldn't wait for the sequal to come out, but I had to pre-order it at Barnes and Nobles which sucks because I had to wait for a week. Hopefully they do put them in stock.

A Big Fan

Okay, a few things I need to address. One, I don't think that blogger allows you to upload pictures in the comments section. So, if you email me the pics, I'll post them and then enter you into the contest. I'm assuming that is why no one has entered the contest so far. Am I assuming correctly?

Second thing: My husband alerted me to the fact that if people only take picturs of the books, there won't be any sales. So please, in addition to taking a pic of the book, support your local (or not-so-local) authors (me) and purchase THE LOST SISTER and SISTERS OF MISERY.

Thank you.

Don't have a digital camera (and we aren't usually supposed to take pictures in my bookstore), however I can tell you that the Borders I work for has Lost Sister because I've already purchased my copy. :)