Monday, July 14, 2008

Another mention of SISTERS OF MISERY!

I'm not sure if this is only running on Publisher's Weekly online, or if it also going to be in the print version, but here is an article about SISTERS OF MISERY and Kensington Publishing.
Here's the link:

"A novel (Danielle) Chiotti believes will “provide a solid cornerstone for this imprint” is Megan Kelley Hall’s Sisters of Misery, which involves witchcraft, runic mythology, the supernatural, family ties and an ominous high-school clique. Due next month, this first novel is set in a Massachusetts town with echoes of Salem (of witchcraft trials fame) and introduces three generations of women. “What appealed to me when I first read this manuscript was the novel’s voice as well as its subject matter,” says the editor. “I was drawn in by this heroine who is plunged into the scary high school world and wants so desperately to fit in. It is a story about choosing paths and dealing with the consequences and it is very compelling.”

Hall, who founded a literary publicity company (Kelley and Hall Book PR) with her mother and sister in 2005, had penned numerous magazine articles before realizing her dream of becoming a novelist. Two years ago, at age 32, she had open heart surgery after suffering a series of strokes and was housebound for four months while recuperating. “I took a negative situation and turned it into a positive,” she says, explaining that she focused her recovery time on writing her novel. “Within a year I had finished the book, found a literary agent and landed a book deal. I realized that if I wanted to do this, it was the time to do it. I seized the day.'"

Now I don't remember saying "I seized the day," although that would be very Dead Poet's Society of me. (I probably did say it. I'm terrible in interviews. My mouth just keeps going and going and I have no idea what will come out. I'm great at coaching people for interviews, or talking other author's books up, but when it comes to talking about myself or my own work, I just freak and blurt whatever comes into my head at that moment.) But Danielle, my brilliant, amazing, lovely editor said some really wonderful things about SISTERS OF MISERY (thank you, Danielle! You're a rock star!) I couldn't have asked for a better editor going through this crazy process of having a debut book published. She's gone above and WAY beyond and I'm forever indebted to her for that.

So anyway, Carpe Diem! ha ha!

Good luck comes in threes and so do articles (it seems for me at least) and the Boston Magazine article will be running in August about witchy Salem trends in publishing. Who knew I'd be a trendsetter? Not me, that's for sure. I'll keep you posted on that piece when it comes out.

Now I have to go back to writing my second book in the series....The Lost Sister.

I'll blog more about my writing process in my next post. It's very low-key and laid back and completely haphazard. There really is no process. That's the scariest part. I'm hoping to channel some of that creepy inspiration for my next book (I'm already 50 pages in and I know what's going to happen, but when I start writing, things can change and go in a different direction on the fly.) I'll go into more detail about that later. I know how some authors say that the characters whisper into their ear, but that just doesn't happen--at least not to me. And believe me, I've waited and listened. But no voices are in my head (and that's a good thing, I would think. If Kate or Cordelia or Maddie started whispering in my ear, I'd be in a lot more trouble than just being behind on a deadline.)

By the way, I wanted to give a shout out to The Story Siren Blog for doing a contest and giving away a copy of SISTERS OF MISERY. Thanks so much for including me in your July giveaway. I love your blog and I'm so excited to do a guest blog on July 24th.

See you there!